Miscarriage in a dream speaks about the rejection of a negative part of life, connected with the past. It is necessary to let go of old humiliations and get rid of feelings of undeserved grievances to establish harmonious life.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a miscarriage with blood, this personifies subjective experiences for the fate of the child. In this situation, you need to calm down as soon as possible and go through, just in case, a doctor’s examination. Also, this dream can predict quarrels with relatives. Usually, these quarrels lead to a long break in communication between the disputants.

Dream of miscarriage for a woman, not accompanied by bleeding, in reality, means trouble with children. Their behavior will be reprehensible, and a woman will have to feel shame and embarrassment for children’s actions.

When such a dream comes to a man, this is a warning about the danger to the health of your beloved woman. Also, this dream can warn of a painful break in relations. It is worth paying attention to maintaining mutual understanding. For a man to see a dream in which a miscarriage occurred in himself, symbolizes the imperfection of plans and the disappointment in the results obtained.

If a young man dreams of a miscarriage, also speaks about the problems in your life. The subconscious mind is trying, therefore, to get rid of these problems. The young man should not worry about this, soon problems will be solved, but with losses. If you see your girlfriend in such a situation, it predicts serious trouble for her. Perhaps it will affect a severe illness or the death of someone from the family. To see a miscarriage of an extraneous woman in a dream promises good news in real life.

All the troubles will pass by. Maybe you will witness some unpleasant event.

If a young non-pregnant woman dreams of miscarriage, heralds the failure of the planned cases. Romantic relations will not bring anything useful and will soon end in parting. In the long run, it will bring, the joy of getting rid of massive moral obligations and unnecessary worries. Now you can relieve the despondency and adjust to a favorable future.

When you dream of a miscarriage of an animal, you should carefully look at your partner. Most likely, a loved one deceives you, and this will be a severe obstacle to the continuation of the relationship.

The dream in which the miscarriage occurred in the restroom, warns that a lack of attention to the situation will lead to the death of the whole thing. Perhaps you are too relaxed, believing that everything will be resolved by itself. This way of thinking will play with you a bad joke.

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