“It must be fate.” How many romantic comedies have you watched where the protagonists, after meeting cute, having doubts, overcoming challenges, and then find their way back to each other, then declare that their love was meant to be? It is an old Hollywood trope dating back decades, but it is rooted in a belief in romance and the true stories of people whose love seems destined after all. Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt have a story that seems like it is ripped from the headlines of a Hollywood rom com. Read on for details about their incredible love story!

14. College Sweethearts

Image: Heidi Savitt

Parker and Savitt had been college sweethearts for four years before they decided to get their families together for a meet and greet. The couple planned a dinner party in southwest London, Wandsworth to be exact. They invited Ed’s mother Fiona and Heidi’s mother Kay to join them. They hoped that their mothers would get along swimmingly, because they were planning on spending the rest of their lives together. The way the evening turned out would shock everyone to their core.

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