A monkey in a dream meaning the necessary reflexes and instincts of a person, not burdened with manners and upbringing. Also, to dream a monkey is a symbol of vain acts. If you are unsure of something, better leave it at that. Do not do tedious, dry work.

To see oneself among monkeys in a dream, in reality, means bullying and the negative impact of surrounding people on you.

The dream in which you saw a monkey, speaks of dangerous liars. They will try to insidiously, and flattery compels you to do wrong, to please them.

When you see a dead monkey, rejoice. All problems and troubles will soon be resolved in your favor. You will avoid the negative consequences of others’ actions.

For a girl, a dream where a monkey is present tells about her fiancĂ©’s doubts about her devotion. The best option in this case: agree to become his wife, to make the relations more solid and calm.

If the monkey has dreamed in a cage, then the time of success and success comes in reality. It’s safe to start things that have been postponed until auspicious times.

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The dream in which you feed the monkey, says that next to you there is a dishonest person. You give him weapons against you and will be deceived. Before it’s too late, look around: someone you should not trust your secrets.

A small monkey, climbing somewhere up, promises troubles from a crafty and mean man.

Catching in a dream a monkey means very much anger and a particular insult. To stop thinking about monkeys, focus on pleasant things.

If in a dream you killed a monkey, then in reality act treacherously and low. It will not let you sleep soundly. Remember, no goal is worth the lives.

Dream, where you were scared of a giant monkey, predicts unfair accusations. Do not silently listen to the objections of colleagues and management. Learn to protect yourself.

To see a monkey in a dream, which does not find room for itself from anger, presages a self-flagellation and a difficult choice. You have to compromise with yourself and fight against shortcomings and destructive desires.

A dream where a monkey sits high on a tree promises a new job and a collective. Try to establish relations with new colleagues and do not be afraid to ask for help in stressful situations.

monkey dream meaning, dream about monkey, monkey dream interpretation, seeing in a dream monkey

Monkey, who builds ugly faces and draws attention to himself, embodies the reality of his competitors. They became too self-confident and did not follow the situation with the same attentiveness. There are all chances to overcome their decisive actions and gain an advantage.

If in a dream you fight with a monkey or beat it, in life your plans will be ripped off by your oversight and stupidity. There is no need to rely on anybody. Keep it in your hands.

The monkey that bit you in a dream foreshadows a grand success in your personal life.

The dream in which you walk with the monkey down the street tells that the closest friend will turn out to be an insidious enemy. Try not to share with everyone in a row your inner world, and then your secrets will remain secrets.

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