A mountain seen in a dream can have various meanings. Often, the actual interpretation depends strongly on the circumstances in the dream.

If you dream of a mountain that is covered with snow, it foretells that you will finally get somebody to listen to your worries, ideas, and concepts. This dream can also signify that in the next few months you will be able to sign a successful and lucrative business deal.

A mountain that is rocky and not covered with snow indicates that the next few months are quite suitable for innovation in your professional life. If you have any new projects and ideas the time has come to put them on the table in a sense.

Seeing a forested mountain in a dream indicates that you will be forced to keep some aspect of your professional and private life hidden. It might be due to the fact that you are a quite popular person.

If in the dream you climb a mountain it means that you are on an upwards rising path in real life also. It is also applies to the personal and the professional experience even.

If you climb on the top of the mountain, it means that you will have a great career success in real life. If this dream has a repeating nature, it says that you will be able to improve your professional position substantially within a short time frame.

Descending a mountain signifies that you will enter into a rather dull phase of your professional life in which there will not be many places for innovation. Be careful of things become stale and status quo in a sense.

If you see a mountain chain in the dream, it means that you have a well-defined set of goals that you tend to pursue actively. It can be said that you have well-laid plans for your future.

Climbing the mountain symbolizes the relentless approach to the goal. Everything that you have in mind will come true and bring good satisfaction. Your dreams will find a place in reality, and progress on the career ladder will go a long way.
When in a dream you find not easy to climb up but you manage to get on top of the hill, financial success and material prosperity are ahead.

The dream, where the hill was too steep, speaks of difficult life tasks. There will be severe obstacles ahead, which will not be overcome without proper efforts. Get the support of experienced comrades.
If you dreamed that you are running uphill, promotion is entirely dependent on skills and experience. You can overcome obstacles and beat competitors; the position will become yours.

Going down smoothly and at ease, pace promises the resolution of complex cases. What you longed for, in reality, will disappear. It may apply to both individual circumstances and the whole life stage. Even such a dream can bring easy money, for example, winning the lottery).
The dream, in which you are flying head over heels and stuffing bumps on all obstacles, presages the collapse of financial affairs. There is a chance that the bankruptcy of the company is awaiting or dismissal from work. Also, this dream speaks about the unattainability of the put purposes. Too quickly you wanted to get what you wanted and missed a lot of factors. Now you need a lot of time for careful preparation.

Quietly and cautiously going down the mountain is a reflection of your fears and complexes. To achieve something in life, you must, first of all, learn how to appreciate yourself. Get rid of everything that stops your development.

Majestic mountains with a snow cap on top predict success and recognition. Small difficulties will only spur you to action and, in the end, will give tremendous results. The most important thing is hard work.

Mountain of ice represents a lie and hypocrisy. Deception surrounds you and this prevents you from succeeding. Make decisions independently, without assistance.

dream about mountain

The mountains around you promise protection at a difficult time. A high-ranking person will give you a helping hand when this is most needed.

If in a dream you are standing firmly on the top of a mountain, in reality, a robust social position awaits. Your achievements and merits will make others feel respect.

Hills of sand promise frustration in business and people. Everything will turn out differently than you expected, and bring a feeling of bitter resentment.

Mountains covered with green grass, represent the desire for an ideal in every part of life. Your passion for learning everything new and searching for the best, will bear fruit and allow you to enjoy life.

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