Nails Dream Meaning

Nails dream interpretation depending on the actual circumstances in your life and because of that, dreams that feature nails could have a variety of meanings.

Simply seeing your nails in the dream, points to hard work in the upcoming period of time. Your hard work will be appreciated however and your earnings will go up. This is especially the case if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night or if this dream has a recurring nature.

If your nails have a pleasant appearance in the dream it can be said that things will move according to your plans. If your nails in the dream are quite neglected means that a lot of unpredictable events will pop up.

If you see that your nails are diseased somehow you should be careful of treachery by your friends, especially in your professional life.

Seeing that you lack nails altogether means that your plans will not turn to reality to which you will be bitterly disappointed.

Seeing your nails being quite dirty signifies that you will experience some loss of standing due to rumors and hearsay.

Tidying up your nails in the dream signifies that you will be able to make wise choices in the upcoming period of time despite being under a significant amount of pressure. Sometimes these dreams point to a resolution of an already existing dilemma.

Cutting your nails in the dream signifies that you will soon need to make some sacrifice for the common good in your family life. You might have to give up one of your favorite past times in order to please the people that mean a lot to you.

If in the dream your nails seem to be unnaturally long than this is a sign of a long period of happiness that is ahead of you. If this dream has a recurring nature it can mean that you are on the verge of a very positive transformative event in your life.

If you dream of the nails on your legs, it speaks of a steep road. At the same time, you got more obligations than they are worth. The expenditure of forces will be disproportionate to payment. If they are neat and beautiful at the same time, they will foretell good health shortly. When the toenails are torn out with meat – this is a warning about all kinds of injuries and injuries. Nails on the legs, which are broken, promise a financial collapse of all new beginnings.

A dream in which you take care of your nails means you cut or else somehow treats, says of excessive concern with appearance. You really want to meet the expectations of others and, most likely, have lost your own self.

If you dreamed of groomed nails in the mud, then waking because of his imprudence will bring humiliation and shame to the family. It is necessary to look from the side to the real state of things and listen to the advice of native people.

Long nails speak about deceived expectations and unfulfilled dreams. What you so wanted to receive, most likely, will remain only a desire on the distant horizon. Short nails embody your fussiness in life. Try to relax and do things calmly. If they turn out to be too long, then this is a symbol of fast wealth.

If you pull out your fingernails in a dream, it has a negative connotation. An unfavorable confluence of circumstances that threaten health or even life. If you see how nails grow, this predicts a prolonged survival.

When you cut your nails in a dream, you should wait for insults and angry moods. It is not ruled out quarrels with people who are nearby. Sleep where you chew on your nails, promises an unexpected gift.

nails dream interpretation

Nails with clearly visible white hole indicates a successful band in life. If they belong to another person, then they symbolize the envy and lousy attitude of strangers.

A dream in which a child carefully cares for his nails personifies the basic formalism and arrogance. Do not focus on the small things: you can miss the real happiness.

Brilliant nails will bring unexpected news. If they are bright, then it is necessary to expect misfortunes and troubles.

If the nails in a dream become animal claws, then, in reality, you will literally fight for a raise or your own love. They also mean fighting for your family. To sharpen these claws in a dream promises anger and hatred for someone. Perhaps you want to take revenge on your opponent.

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