The meaning of а dream, in which the nose is the central theme, may be different. In the main, this means unsolicited advice and gossip. However, depending on the details of your sleep, there may be other interpretations.

If you see your own nose from the side, then you should pay attention to your behavior. Most likely, you too often climb into other people’s affairs. Do not so frankly be interested in someone else’s life and give unsolicited advice. Otherwise, you will create for yourself a lot of enemies.

To see someone’s broken nose in a dream is a good sign. You will succeed in business. It’s time to start something new or move something stagnant.

A dream where you see an extraneous nose of enormous size, predicts quarrels and scandals with superiors. It can be the bosses at work or people with a massive social weight. Try not to create scandals and do not climb into strangers. Also, you should not be too arrogant to treat people: this, too, can cause a significant conflict.

If you saw your nose in a dream the way it really is, it means that your skills and abilities are enough to overcome any difficulties.

If you see a handkerchief in a dream, then wait for help from the side. In stressful situations, indisputable people will undoubtedly be found. Do not worry in vain, everything will soon be resolved in your favor.

Dream in which your nose has become very small, predicts a threat. Do not let anyone humiliate you and offend you, but you should not get involved in disputes with the offenders. Try to get out of the situation modestly and with dignity.

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If you have lost your nose in a dream, then you will find yourself in a difficult situation, which you can not influence. Just let things go their own way and do not worry, it’s still impossible to change anything.

The dream in which your nose is on an unauthorized person will bring unwanted advice and comments in reality. Do not let anyone get into your business, even if you need to cut it roughly. Personal space must remain private.

The nose that you bruised in the dream promises lies and treachery of a loved one. Prepare for this and do not show too much emotion.

Sick nose, such as a runny nose, presages a quick relief from troubles in life. You drop them quickly and not noticeably.

If in a dream you blow out your nose in a handkerchief, then you should expect a pleasant surprise. Perhaps it will be good news or a small gift from an important person.

Dream, where you broke your own nose, predicts a sudden success. It will appear where you least expect it and do not even hope for a miracle. Blood that wears off in a dream speaks about the need for precise and coordinated coordination of their actions. Decisions will have to be taken on the move, adjusting to the circumstances. Not much self-confidence and you will succeed.

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