There are different meaning of a note that is seen in a dream.  A lot depends on the contents of the note as well as the circumstances in the dream. Usually, such a dream belongs to the professional sphere of your life.

If you see a note in the dream without reading its contents, it is a symbol of turn. It means that you will soon have some minor changes in your life. Repeating nature of this dream indicates that you will plan the moves rather than unexpected.

Reading a note in the dream that is not addressed to you indicates that you will be soon compelled to look into someone’s past. You might quite intrigue by the things you will find. If you know the person that the note is addressed this is a hint. It means that you will be compelled to look into their past.

Reading a note that is addressed to you advises to closely monitor what is happening. This is means that you will soon receive an essential piece of information in real life. It information will clarify a dilemma that you have about somebody that is quite close to you.

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Tearing a note in your dream has a negative connotation. As it points to a rather significant financial loss or unsuccessful investment in the future. If the note that you have torn was addressed to someone, you know be careful with these people. Insofar as, it means that they will also be involved in your financial failings.

If you receive a note in an envelope, it means that you will soon receive a piece of important information. It’s known only to a small number of people.

If you dream of writing a note for yourself it’s a good news. This is means that you will be able to present something in front of a significant number people.The interpretation of this dream refers to your professional life.

If you dream of a note being burned it means that you will be told a well-kept secret soon. Alternatively, this dream can point to you being able to keep your secrets from prying eyes.

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