A notebook seen in the dream can have various meaning. Usually it concerns your personal life and relationships with other people. A lot depends on the actual circumstances in the dream as well as its nature.

Buying a notebook in your dream means that you will soon make significant efforts. They need to increase the harmony and stability in your personal life. Above all, this dream points to a great desire for a change. That will be followed by significant efforts to enact the said change.

Writing something in notebook means that you will be quite reflective in the upcoming time. And it is possible that you will give a second thought to previously made choices and decisions. Sometimes this dream can signify that you need to be more or less very honest with yourself. This most often concerns about your choices and decisions in the past.

If someone reads your notebook means that you will not be able to successful hide something from a very dear person. Most likely, it refers to your personal life. This might cost you the significant amount of respect.

If you read someone else’s notebook in the dream, it means that you should be careful. Not worth it of getting into the private life of other people a bit too much. You inquiries might be seen as excessive or strange by the other side. And this might cost you a lot in a social sense.

Losing an essential notebook in the dream means that you will make an inadvertent mistake in real life also. This mistake will make you healthy regretful.

Opening a notebook to look for some information in the dream talks about your prejudices. Probably can mean that you will somewhat reluctantly ask for advice from a more experienced figure in your professional life. This will be after you will try to solve some issue and you will not be successful.

Tearing or burning your notebook in a dream means that you will have the bitter disagreement with someone in real life.

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