The number one represents your independence and independence. It increases the influence of sleep on life and extends the limits of its impact.
Two is a symbol of usefulness and the end result. If you saw this figure in a dream, then do not wait for the continuation of any cases, both unpleasant and desirable. The period of failures or luck has come to an end, and now we need to rely only on our own strength.
Figure three is the basis of friendly relationships and pleasant interaction with colleagues/partners. It is necessary to appreciate the existing connections to get a satisfying result.
The four, on the contrary, talk about the lack of faithful companions in life. You must rely only on your skills and abilities. But in this there is also a decisive moment, there is no need to reckon with others and take their interests into account. And all the rest to you on the shoulder.
The figures five and six are substantial and significantly affect your life. So, the five, as a reflection of the school system, carries a charge of positive emotions and victorious deeds. Everything, under what such figure in a dream subscribed, will be realized in reality.
Six, on the contrary, warns against taking decisions. It’s worth keeping in control your emotional impulses, so as not to hurt yourself.

A figure of seven is a sign of an early rest. If you had a tense period, then you will not have to wait until very long. Shortly all disputable matters will be resolved, and you will breathe in peacefully.

Eight is a symbol of the continuous movement. Your business will only go forward, and you will have to work hard for business prosperity and successful development.
The figure nine, as the last stage before receiving the main prize. Relax is still early, you need to make an effort not to spoil everything at the last minute.

Zero is a neutral number. You will not succeed in business, but you will not lose anything. Also, this symbol can mean the source of female power.

Dream, in which you carefully count the figures, personifies the integral formalism. Do not get hung up on filling in papers in life. Distract and pay attention to the surrounding people and the world. Perhaps you will find a lot of entertaining and intriguing.
If the figures are written by another person, then you are threatened to experience jealousy to others’ successes. If you do not cope with these emotions, you will find yourself in an incredibly embarrassing situation.

To make calculations in a dream is to doubt oneself. If you do not have enough knowledge or confidence to make any decision, ask for advice from a more competent person.

Dream, in which you erase figures from the board, promises to work on your own misses. They can be corrected if you show sincere desire and do not regret your strength.

If you read a book filled with figures in a dream, in reality, you need to apply non-standard thinking to get what you want. Also, this dream can bring a pleasant surprise.
To see figures that can be touched (from paper or plasticine) means too hard. The point of view needs to be protected, but do not do it too zealously, offending the feelings of other people.

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