Oil Dream Meaning

Oil dream meaning has many different options. Most often, the interpretation of sleep reflects your inner world and relationships with others. Several of the most common explanations will be described below.

Merely seeing oil in your dream can mean that you wish for some things in your life to run more smoothly and in a less laborious manner. It could be especially true for your professional life in which you might need to make a disproportionately considerable effort to get noticed by your management or boss. Sometimes, this dream can signify that you need to be less trusting of advice which is offered to you by the people that are around you. These bits of information while not being malicious in their intent can take too much of your energy and time to be useful.

Getting soaked in oil in your dream signifies that you have genuine and honest intentions towards your friends. This dream also means that you are not concerned with petty conflicts between you and your friends but rather that you are more than ready to forget such events in the interest of keeping your friendship.

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To see oil gushing from the ground indicates that someone will show you or teach you a handy way of doing something.  You will be quite grateful for that, and you would feel in a sense, honored.

To clean your hands of oil indicates that soon you will open up your heart to someone. They will be able to see your real inner self and get a glimpse of your spiritual life.

To prospect (search for) oil means that you have high hopes and expectations for someone, most likely a close relative of yours.

If you dream that you are swimming in oil, it signifies that you are quite concerned about your future from a financial standpoint. You might in a sense be less sure in the stability of your earnings in the upcoming period.

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