Psychic Dream Meaning

psychic dream meaning

If you had a dream about a psychic, you will run into problems from an unknown source. In reality, you will have to as for help from a person with extraordinary abilities to understand the situation. Also, this dream can …

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Party Dream Meaning

Party dream meaning, dream about party, party dream interpretation

Party dream meaning often have an important social significance. In the most general of terms, they signify that in the following period your social life will be more active. Try to stay calm and do not overestimate your strength. If …

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Purple Dream Meaning

purple dream meaning, dream about purple, purple dream interpretation, seeing in a dream purple

The meaning of a dream, in which the purple color is pronounced, may be different. Purple is the color of the nobility and kings. It symbolizes a luxurious life of immaterial well-being. But there are other meanings of this dream. …

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Pigeon Dream Meaning

Pigeon dream meaning, dream about pigeon, pigeon dream interpretation

There are two most common interpretations of dreams that feature pigeons. One of them is associated with peace and prosperity, and the other one is associated with love and marriage. Pigeon dream meaning depends on the details of the vision itself. …

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Pumpkin Dream Meaning

pumpkin dream meaning, dream about pumpkin, pumpkin dream interpretation, seeing in a dream pumpkin

The meaning of dream, in which the pumpkin plays the main role, is very diverse. This may herald a quarrel or, conversely, pleasant moments. It all depends on your interaction with the pumpkin in a dream. For a married person …

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Policeman Dream Meaning

If in a dream the policeman falsely accused you of a crime, when you will wake up, you can expect victory over the enemies. A dream in which you ask for help from a representative of the law indicates the emergence of a …

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Pain Dream Meaning

Pain means possible unhappiness. This dream says that you will be annoyed because of daily affairs. To dream that others suffer from pain warns that you are making some mistake. Was the pain dream meaning helpful to you? Please share …

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Prison Dream Meaning

Prison Dream Meaning

Prison in the dream personifies two opposites: imprisonment and solitude. If you dreamed of a prison from which you can not get out, then in life you can not get something very desirable. Also, this dream means quick troubles in …

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