Paint Dream Meaning

Paint dream meaning has many different interpretation. This may be a quarrel with loved ones, promotion in the professional sphere or a warning about financial problems. A lot of depends on the actual color of the paint in the dream.

If your dream about black paint it means that soon you will have some conflict with your relatives. Sometimes, this color of paint indicates that people are using everything they got against you. Traditionally, dreaming about black paint has been considered a sign that you are under the influence of a magic spell also.

Dreaming about green paint signifies that your hopes will be fulfilled. If the color is very dark green, however, it can indicate that a long time will pass before your concerns will be met.

Dreaming about blue paint signifies that your luck will increase in the upcoming time to a significant degree. It is especially true about your professional life, and you might get promoted quite soon after a dream like this. If in the dream you paint your body blue it indicates that you will get renown in your chosen professional field mainly for your inventiveness.

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Dreaming about yellow paint is suggestive of loyalty that you have for those that you care. A dream like this, however, can also indicate that your loyalty towards a friend of yours will soon be tested.

Dreaming of paint that has purple shades signifies renown and fame for some ability or talent that you possess. Often a dream like this also signifies that the dreamer’s talent will not be wasted but rather that it will be used and lucrative from a financial standpoint.

A dream in which you mix several colors is not definite as it signifies that soon you will get stressed emotionally, being a victim of intrigue and secret deals that people around you will make. It is especially true if the mixing of the colors produced a dark shade.

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