Panther Dream Meaning

The panther dream may have a different meaning. Most often this is a reflection of your doubts and fears. However, there are other interpretations that depend on the details of your dream.

Dream about Panther foretells your life insecurity. You want constant support from relatives and friends to accept even the most insignificant decision. Because of the continuous doubt in your abilities, you get into unpleasant situations. It is worth learning to love yourself, overpowering your fears.

Dreaming about fearing a panther is a sign of the end of a partnership. Perhaps, some vital document will not be signed. When you, on the contrary, do not feel a single drop of fear, you should wait for positive changes in the business. You will achieve the desired goal in work.

Dream about a panther hunting a deer or attacks it there will be trouble in a close circle. You can find yourself in the middle of the conflict as a buffer. In no case do not try on this role, avoid this situation.

Dreaming about a panther watching you from afar will bring you disappointment. Your dreams can not come true.

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Dreaming about petting or stroking a panther means a sense of horror, heralds the successful completion of any endeavors. You can safely take up the realization of your desires and luck will follow you.

If you dream of feeding a panther sitting in a cage then you should not postpone the solution of problems. Now is a very favorable time. If you take them for a minute, overcome all the difficulties quickly and playfully.

Dreaming about having a battle with a panther tells you about the outcome of your encounters with the enemies at work and in life. Black Panther, who attacks you, promises defeat. If it is white, you will be the winner from the battlefield.

Dreaming of a panther attack another person speaks about the need to help someone from friends or relatives. Do not deny a person when he turns to you.

If in a dream the panther inflicted a wound on itself signifies you can laugh at your opponents. They will fall into the pit, which was prepared for you.

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Dreaming of a panther’s bite accompanied by bleeding means a disease will inflict you. The more blood you saw, the harder it will be. If there is no blood, then trouble threatens people close to you.

The dream in which you play with a panther means the arrival of the desired guest. When you do not want to participate in games with a predator, expect fuss and anxiety from visitors.

Dreaming about having a panther as a pet symbolizes a successful work and material well-being. You can ask for a raise or work promotion.

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