Parrot Dream Meaning

A dream in which there is a parrot meaning conversations and blurting out secrets of one’s own and others’. This could be a warning about something important in your life. It is necessary to remember all its details.

If you see a parrot from the side, then, in reality, you often adjust to others and neglect your desires and opinions. You need to learn to say no to people and live your mind.

A dream in which the noise of these birds are heard will bring you fuss and anxiety due to a meeting with a tactless and rude man. The heavy silence of a bird in a dream, on the contrary, promises peace in the family hearth.

After seeing a whole flock of parrots, tune into an early change of residence. Perhaps you will move to another country. Do not be discouraged; it will bring your financial happiness. But if this flock attacked you, this is a warning. It is worthwhile to postpone all trips and travel, especially those related to flights.

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To see a parrot locked in a cage is a good sign. You will be able to get rid of the annoying person in life and his endless chatter. You can rest in silence and pay attention to your thoughts.

If in a dream you taught a parrot to speak, then you should expect big troubles in life. And you will create them yourself.

For a woman, to see herself as a parrot owner means to reveal her lousy character before a chosen one. Try to keep yourself in hand and not exhibit negative qualities for the show, to maintain this relationship.

The dream in which you are looking at a dead parrot, predicts a reduction in the number of acquaintances. Perhaps your quarrel with them and stop communicating. If you killed a parrot, then, in reality, there is a betrayal of a close friend. Maybe he was dissolving gossip or deliberately conveyed to you false information.

A white parrot will bring fun and funny jokes into your life. Maybe someone from the acquaintances is a big joker, and you will fall under the flurry of his good mood.

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The parrot, who talked a lot, and then abruptly fell silent in a dream, symbolizes the end of family quarrels and scandals. You will find a common grounds with your partner and compromise solutions to all controversial issues.

If in a dream the parrot flies next to you, then do not talk too much about your life. Someone will reverse these words and use them against you.

To see the parrot, which clean its feathers, heralds a meeting with a significant and influential person. With the right approach, he will want to help you and support you. But beware of its complex nature.

Dream, where you buy a parrot, predicts to hear gossip about yourself. It will be something terrible and completely untrue.

The parrot you feed in your dream promises to get acquainted with a frivolous and not dangerous person. You should not trust him or rely on promises.

If a parrot in a dream repeats your every word, then, in reality, you should not trust some person that you know already. He uses your thoughts and achievements for your mercantile purposes.

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