Peacock Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream in which you will see a peacock can be varied. Often there is the association with pride and hard-headedness. But sometimes it can indicate you are quite a lively person that has excellent social skills.

Merely seeing a peacock in your dream signifies that you will gain prestige and renown. This will help you some character trait that you have. This will be liked by some people and hated by others as you might come across as being a showoff to some.
In some interpretations seeing a peacock in its natural surroundings indicates luck. It will soon get to a higher level. Everything that you will start in the period following a dream like this should succeed at the end. As a result, this dream can be considered to be a very positive omen for starting new projects in your professional life.

If you dream that you have heard peacock vocalizations in your dream, it means that some person will irritate you soon with their bragging. Occasionally, a dream like this indicates that someone will flirt with the person that you have some feelings. A possible conflict might occur over this.

A dream in which you will a see a peacock with its tail opened means that soon someone will try to deceive you in your personal life. This deception will not be successful as you will almost right away see through it. This meaning is especially likely if you have this dream in the early hours of the night.

If in your dream you feed a peacock it means that you will find reconciliation with a person with whom you are not in good standing. Occasionally this dream signifies that you will get together again with your former romantic partner.

Seeing a peacock in a cage signifies that your ambitions will be cut short by your loud mouth and bragging. You might need to tone down your approach a bit.

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