Peas Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream about peas, as a rule, is positive. This usually refers to your professional activities. But, depending on the details of the dream, there may be other interpretations.

If you dreamed that you rip off ripe peas from a garden: thanks to hard work and your efforts, your ideas will soon come true. You thoroughly deserve it and can reap the rewards of your labors with pleasure.

Dream of a large crop of peas promises improvement in material well-being. Remember how many peas were harvested – it will tell you what budget increase can be expected.

Dream about buying peas in pods predict to achieve a cherished goal. It will be possible with the support of friends and boundless faith in themselves. Do not give up trying not to knock you out of the way.

When you look at how peas grow on beds, you can count on the success of your ideas and plans. What others think unattainable, for you will be very real and affordable. Do not give up hope.

Dream about how you sell peas is a sign of distraction and fuss. Most likely, you will be late for an important meeting because of your imprudence. Plan your time with a large margin, so that in the event of unforeseen incidents do not hit the dirt in the face. Better come early to your opponent.

The dream, in which you eat fresh peas, predicts a pleasant rest for your entire family. You can get rid of the burden of responsibility for the work and breathe in full the air of freedom and ecstatic bliss.

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Dreaming about the preparation of pea soup will turn into trouble for you at work. Colleagues will bring unfair accusations, and you will have to defend your case. Do it quietly and calmly. When you feel someone pea soup own preparation, with the opinion of this person, there will be significant discrepancies. You will have to go through some unpleasant moments in communicating with her.

Dream about porridge or puree, cooked from peas, represent exhaustion from the professional activity. Take a pause and regain your strength.

The peasants who fled from you on the floor promise silence and peace of mind. Each part of life will be filled with harmony and mutual understanding.

When a young and unripe pea has dreamed, tests for your nervous system are coming. Bitter tears and undeserved grievances will haunt you everywhere. Despite the unfair treatment of others, keep your emotions under control and do not retaliate. Long this period will not last.

Dream about corrupted for any reason, peas (old, wormy or overripe) predict a meeting with a deceitful person. His help will be knowingly false and will only bring harm. Try to abandon joint business with a new acquaintance and stop his attempts to make friends.

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