Piano Dream Meaning

The piano of a dream can have a different meaning. This musical instrument is the embodiment of silence, tranquility, and cohesion in the family circle. The dream with his presence tells about the harmonious flow of life and pleasant events.

If you dream of the piano is not working properly, then in real life you will get to an uncomfortable period. You will worry about your achievements, which do not meet expectations. Yet this dream predicts failures in the intimate sphere for men. The physical abilities of the dreamer will be shaken and cast into despair. Also, a broken piano promises hypocrites in the immediate surroundings. Communicating with you, they pursue their goals.

Ancient pianos symbolize missed opportunities. You lost many happy cases because you did not take the advice of an experienced and wise friend. It is necessary to draw conclusions and next time do not step on the same rake.

A white piano will bring a real meeting with longtime friends. Also, this dream speaks about the possibility to break out into the leaders. Use the favorable location of the stars to gain authority in the right sphere and an influential position.

If the instrument has a dream in black, your deeds will be recognized, and you – respect in life.

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To see the keys of the instrument in a dream is a sign of life jumps. Your life will be full of intense emotions. They will replace each other faster than the colors at the traffic lights. Unbearable sadness will turn into a stormy joy and vice versa. Learn to control yourself to confidently feel your place in reality, until the feelings begin to control your life.

The piano, on which there are no keys, predicts despondency and apathy. Perhaps you will become utterly indifferent to your work and hobby.

A dream in which you play a sensuous and complex melody symbolizes a new love. Most likely, a friend realizes that he has deeper feelings for you.

If the keys on the instrument sink, it will bring a feeling of jealousy. It will negatively affect the relationship with the other half. Try to curb these emotions before they spoil your life.

The piano, on which you learn to play in a dream, personifies a lack of sociability. It is necessary to expand your circle of acquaintances and include in it influential people who are able to provide support.

To see in a dream how workers carry a piano is a sign of hard work. If they dropped it, beware of errors in the work so as not to get reprimanded.

piano dream meaning, dream about piano, piano dream interpretation, seeing in a dream piano

A pleasant melody from playing the piano predicts unprecedented success and sound health. If the music is tedious and annoying, it is worth waiting for unpleasant news. The incomprehensible melody, the cutting ear speaks of the coming heap of urgent matters. All of them will require attention and will introduce irritation elements into your life.

If someone else is playing the piano in a dream, then, in reality, you will have to bear responsibility for mistakes of the native person. Do not turn this into a quarrel, because close people should help each other.

A dream in which you hear the melodious sounds of a piano promises remarkable changes for your loved ones. They will not affect you, but leave the impression of a shaky ground under your feet.

Buying a piano in a dream will lead to quarrels in the home. If, on the contrary, you sold it, then there will be silence and grace in your family life.

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