Prison Dream Meaning

Prison in the dream personifies two opposites: imprisonment and solitude.
If you dreamed of a prison from which you can not get out, then in life you can not get something very desirable. Also, this dream means quick troubles in life that will negatively affect you.

A dream, where there are a lot of prison cells, and you hesitate in search of an exit, says that in reality, you can not choose one of all the options. It is necessary to calm down and study the question thoroughly to find the right solution.
Escaping from prison in a dream portends that your business will bring a lot of profit.

The guards in prison reflect an additional life framework. If you resist them in a dream, it tells of the unwillingness to obey others. Perhaps in them, you will recognize someone from friends or superiors. It says that in life they are trying to put on you a lot of psychological pressure that harms the standard of living. Also, this dream can mean fallen people. They try to drag you along and get out of the way. Do not succumb.

The crowd, storming the prison gates, warns of impending evil and troubles. Most likely, it will be connected with an attempt to steal money from you.
To dream of other people in prison promises to entrust powers to persons whom you support.

Light in the prison window will help to avoid trouble, with the help of its foresight. Listen carefully to your intuition, and it will give you the right advice.
For a girl to see her beloved person in prison means disappointment in his spiritual qualities. Do not close your eyes to this, so as not to be in a difficult situation. If a young girl sees herself in prison, it is a sign of failing marriage. Look closely at your chosen one carefully before making a final decision.

If you are serving a prison term in a dream, this indicates domestic trouble or a wrong way of life.
The house, which is in a dream turns into a prison, will bring happiness to the family and warmth into a personal relationship.

Looking through the prison window on the world promises to meet a domineering person. He will limit your freedom and the right to choose in life. Beware of getting under such influence. To break this window in a dream means liberation from the opinion of other people.

If in a dream someone from the native people has got to prison, it tells about your disparaging attitude to the trust of relatives. Do not abuse their love, so as not to spoil the relationship.
A dream, where you release someone from the confinement, predicts liberation from loneliness. To do this, you will have to make your efforts and goodwill.

Dream about prison

Seeing yourself in a dream of prisoners in an ancient fortress foretells a situation that will embarrass you and make you feel not at ease.

If outsiders are put in jail, then your dreams and plans are not allowed to materialize. Do not mock yourself with vain hopes.

A dream in which you are calmly in prison and feel protection from the outside world promises to become a successful person. Another dream meanig says that you will avoid many troubles and overcome all difficulties.

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