Proposal Dream Meaning

A meaning of a dream, in witch there is a proposal may be different. It depends on your date of birth, sex and details of the dream itself.  Such a dream can affect any area of your life.

For a dreamer who has a birthday in the autumn period, a dream about a proposal to create a family will bring love in real life. A friend, who used to pass you by, will dare to confess his feelings. The former indifference is only a mask of shyness and self-doubt.
If you were born in winter, then the dream in which you heard the marriage proposal means trouble. You are waiting for a period of disagreement and quarrels with your loved one, even for the smallest reasons. Look for compromise solutions and try to keep your emotions under control to maintain mutual understanding and the relationship itself.

For dreamers born in spring and summer, the dream in which you are offered to marry predicts change. You have a new look at life in general and individual situations. This will provide an inexhaustible source of energy for accomplishment. Also, this dream warns about changes in personal life. Positive emotions will come to you if you agree to a proposal in a dream. The period of stagnation and sadness will come to the one who, in the dream of the proposal, refuse to marry. The interpretation of this dream depends in no small extent on the dreamers’ role in it.

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For a man, a dream, where he offered his hand and heart to a beloved woman, would be an omen of high incomes and a stable financial position.
If a man made an offer to a stranger, then, in reality, he will be unhappy with his position in life and a woman next to him. Most likely, he will be annoyed by minor domestic issues. The man subconsciously rejects the possibility of marriage with a woman who is next to him now.

The dream in which you make an offer to your wife again will bring difficulties in understanding. It will affect communication at work and home life. You can not restrain quarrels and insults; this can be a sign of a future divorce.

For a single girl a dream, where a stranger proposes her, promises a meeting with a man of dreams. Prepare for the fact that the events will develop very quickly, there will be little time between acquaintance with the man and the real proposal, and the decision will have to be taken on the go.

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If a woman dreams, how she proposes to a man to create a family, symbolizes the desire to move to a new level of relationships with his beloved person. However, on his own he will not soon decide on such a step, maybe it is worth pushing him unobtrusively towards this.

A dream in which a man agreed to your proposal is a good sign. His love for you is sincere, and he is ready for a family. If he declined the offer, you should pay close attention to his behavior. Most likely, it only creates the appearance of romantic feelings, pursuing other goals.

The proposal of the hand and heart from the person of the same sex reflects problems in sexual life. Dissatisfaction with sex can create significant problems in other areas of life. You need to find a solution to this situation with your partner.

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