Puppy Dream Meaning

The dream in which you saw the puppy may have a different meaning. It all depends on the details of the dream itself. But, usually, he has a positive interpretation.

A dream in which you see a black puppy will bring a new friend into your life. It will be a devoted person. White puppy means that bustling and troublesome time can come to your life.

If you play with a puppy in a dream, it will attract pleasantness in life. Maybe you are waiting for a surprise from friends or a pleasant trifle from a loved one.

Choosing yourself a puppy on the market among many others promises betrayal of a loved one. The person that you trust very much, in fact, tells secrets and spreads rumors behind your back.

When you have chosen yourself a pup in a dream and are going to buy it, it heralds that you find a trusted and reliable friend.

For a man, a dream, where he sees small puppies around their mother, predicts a meeting with a lovely lady.  She will be attracted to you with a strong and excessive maternal instinct. Well, understand your feelings before continuing to communicate with her.

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For a woman, such a dream will bring an acquaintance with a young man much younger than her. Remember, all ages are submissive to love.

Puppies who run around you and under your feet predict the worries about people of younger age. Perhaps you will be instructed to look after the children or train trainees at work. The same thing means if in a dream dogs bark alongside you.

One puppy who plays and jumps around you personifies the desire to have a child. Still, this dream can warn about the hypocrisy of close people.

A crucial moment in the interpretation of this dream is the month in which it dreamed.

So, from January to April, it predicts a fast replenishment in the family or a welcome gift.

If you saw a puppy in a dream from May to August, you may do a foolish act in reality. You need to think about your actions. Otherwise, you will get into an unpleasant situation.

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The enemy, who is waiting for the moment to strike, will bring a dream between September and December. You offended this man by something. If possible, you should peacefully resolve the current situation.

If in a dream you turned into a weak, defenseless puppy, this indicates moral fatigue. It is necessary to take leave, be alone with your thoughts and understand your feelings.

A puppy given by someone in a dream is a distracting maneuver in reality. Remember who gave it to you. This person wants to knock you out of the way.

A dream where the puppy sleeps, promises warmth and affection.

The dead puppy tells about the upcoming sadness. You will be disappointed by the betrayal of a good friend and cast down into despair. Remember that all people have the right to be wrong.

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