A dream about a paddle may have a different meaning. It’s depending on the actual circumstances in it as well your prevailing mood in the dream itself. The most popular options are described below.

Merely seeing a paddle in a boat signifies that pleasant and stable times are ahead.  This is especially so if the paddle in the dream appeared to be undamaged. This dream is also an indicator that the upcoming period is suitable for making long-term investments. As it signifies that stable times are ahead.

If you saw a broken or somehow damaged paddle, advises to be on your guard. Probably it signifies that you will need to be ready for unexpected occurrences in your personal life. You might suddenly realize that things are becoming more frantic by the hour which would not suit your inner peace.

If you inadvertently break a paddle in a dream, it signifies that soon a personal friend will give you a present. This will be not of a high material worth but will still be quite emotionally valuable to them.

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A dream in which you are on a boat that has no paddles it is a symbol of trouble. Maybe, it signifies that soon you will be drawn into somebody else’s problem against your wishes. This is especially true if the experience of riding in the boat with not paddles was unpleasant or frightening.

Rowing in a boat alone signifies that you will soon secure some agreement or arrangement in your professional life. And it will increase your earnings significantly.

If you dream that you were not the only rower in the boat, this is a good sign. It signifies that soon you might form a business partnership with someone. This partnership will be quite successful from a financial standpoint.

A dream in which you are rowing in a boat, and yet the boat stands still, talks about stagnant times. It means that you need to re-examine your approach towards attaining success. You might get ‘bogged down’ in trying to solve issues that are not solvable. And spend way too much energy trying to make unworkable ideas a reality.

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