There are two most common interpretations of dreams that feature pigeons. One of them is associated with peace and prosperity, and the other one is associated with love and marriage. Pigeon dream meaning depends on the details of the vision itself.

If in your dream you merely see a pigeon in front of you it signifies that you an era of personal and spiritual peace is in front of you. Long-term plans will be successful as there is an active element of prosperity and stability that is associated with this dream. It can also be said that this dream signifies that the upcoming time is suitable for putting long-term plans into practice.

If a pigeon lands on your hand or shoulder in the dream, it means that you will soon experience a unique occurrence which will enable you to increase your professional success considerably. Many will brand you as being incredibly lucky due to the rarity of the events that you are about to be a part.

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To chase away pigeons in your dream signifies that you need to be more considerate of the needs of those that are around you. Often, people might be offended by your lack of attention and interest in their well being.

A dream in which you will see a pigeon with an attached message to its leg signifies that soon you will get news that will please you emotionally. You might be quite glad that some things turned out the way they did.

If in your dream you listen to the cooing of a pigeon it signifies that soon a very compatible person from a romantic perspective will be met. The louder the cooing, the sooner you will meet this person.

If you dream about a wedding and you see how the married couple let the white pigeons fly in the sky, this dream portends happiness and exciting news in the family.

Seeing a male and female pigeons next to one another signifies that your relationship will be a long lasting one if you are already in a relationship. If you are single, it means that soon you will fall in love.

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