About the happenings in your life during this year in general

The dominant influence of the planet Neptune will continue during this year also. This tells that there will be a lot of positive development, especially in your personal life. There also will be a lot of emotional support that will come from your loved ones that will get you across in other fields even. Most importantly you will likely be able to bridge various issues in your professional life by having the support of your closest relatives and friends.

The positive developments in your personal life will occur after August passes as this coincides with the influence of Jupiter on your horoscope. As a result of this making, significant changes in the personal life before August moves is ill-advised.

Financially you will gain partners on which you could rely on. Getting into a business partnership is a distinct possibility especially during November.

About your professional life

In general, the support mentioned above from your close ones will be more than welcomed mainly from June to September in which Saturn will have a limited influence on your horoscope. Outside this three month period, the career prospects will be good.

In the period of mid to late May, some minor restructuring in your professional position is possible. Significant change is unlikely, so this restructuring will likely be within your current workplace and location.

The end of the year will bring new developments and indeed you will get several offers some of which will be more serious than others. As said above one of these offers might result in a business partnership. This is not unsuitable from an astrological point of view, but you will undoubtedly need to make sure that your professional independence is not restricted too much by any partnership arrangement.

The very end of the year will bring a somewhat positive event that will be tied to your career yet also related to legal and justice matters. It is possible that you will gain something significant to your job by a court decision or by other law-related action.

About your personal life

The strong influence of Neptune will also have a substantial impact on your own life. In the first half of this year, a strong indication of the resolution of some past conflict is present. The decision of this conflict will leave no winners or losers, but both sides (one of which is you) will gain and lose something at the same. There is a sense of a slightly diplomatic resolution which will be in general pleasing for both you and the other side.

The influence of Jupiter grows stronger during the summer which is a sign of accelerated pace in your personal life. New persons are likely to be met, and new romantic and sexual relationships are likely to happen. The persons that you will encounter during August have the most significant chance of forming a lasting relationship with you, however. The ending part of the year brings an element of wisdom in your decision making about your personal life. You will indeed ‘play’ wisely, and you will be quite grateful for that on a more extended run.

About your health

There are several signs which indicate that your health will be quite useful during most of the year. Similarly, during the summer an increase in your energy levels will be evident. You will take a lot of things at once without feeling fatigued which will surprise those around you.

In September your energy levels will level off, and they will return to your usual standard. October will bring a less than ideal resistance to illness, and during this month some transient health issue with your lungs and airways is likely. After October passes your health will improve, and there would not be any significant health disturbances until the end of the year.