If in a dream the policeman falsely accused you of a crime, when you will wake up, you can expect victory over the enemies.
A dream in which you ask for help from a representative of the law indicates the emergence of a problematic situation. You can not cope with it alone, you should ask for help from relatives.

Seeing yourself in police uniform is a reflection of a strong character and strong willpower. In reality, you can solve your problems only by yourself. Also, this dream can bring respect to relatives and colleagues.
If a man dreams, where he turned into a policeman, this can be a sign that his desire to hide his low acts from outsiders.

If you try to hide from the police in a dream, in reality, you can expect trouble and conflicts with others.
The dream in which you run away from the police promises that you defend your rights. You will have to give proof that you are not involved in any wrong business.

The police who are following you in the car, foreshadow the pains of conscience. The act that you commit against the moral principles will go around and remind you of bad behavior. If you can not get away from this car, no matter how hard you try, then, in reality, the enemies watch your every move. You should be especially careful, once make a mistake; they will make a decisive move against you.

If in a dream you met a representative of the law, in reality, you will have an opportunity to establish more friendly relations with your superiors. It will have a positive impact on career growth and business relationship.
For a woman, a dream, where she communicates with a male policeman, predicts an acquaintance with a positive person. Its only drawback is excessive secrecy. Referring to this character trait with understanding is necessary.

When, a woman dream about being n the role of a policeman, it would bring lies and betrayal from a friend. She should destroy the relationship and lead the man away.

Acquaintance with the overly kind policeman symbolizes hypocrisy and pretense of a remarkable person. Do not take a word on people who are standing higher on the career or the social ladder; they want to use you.

If you dreamed of policemen who caused you great physical harm, then, in reality, you will have to defend your interests and rightness.

The dream in which you killed a policeman, portends a storm of negative emotions. You need to keep yourself in hand so as not to get into serious trouble.

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