If you had a dream about a psychic, you will run into problems from an unknown source. In reality, you will have to as for help from a person with extraordinary abilities to understand the situation. Also, this dream can indicate that you yourself have magical abilities and can dispel the fog over the future.

If you had a dream how a psychic is telling the future to the person that you do not know, you really will need to seek support from close people. You will encounter difficulties and obstacles that you cannot overcome alone.

psychic dream meaning

If you dream about a fortune-teller, that you see from distance, in reality, you can expect some squabbling in a relationship with a loved one. Even if the reasons for these quarrels are fully justified, it is necessary to find the strength to calmly discuss the situation. Do not loudly express your displeasure and suspicion, this will lead to the opposite effect. Having shown nervousness and irritability, you will only push your partner away from you.

If you dream of a psychic man, it represents weakness and vulnerability to others. You need to train the strength of spirit and faith in yourself. Try to do this earlier or the enemies will take advantage of the situation.

If you had a dream in which you hear the prediction of a person with magical abilities, you should not trust everyone in real life. You definitely want to be distracted from important matters and misleading. Also, do not count on the desired result in the conceived, this dream suggests that dreams will not come true.

The dream about a psychic that you do not trust in the dream, reflects fatigue and loss of former energy. Take time off at work and relax from the constant stresses and negatives of the environment. Restore the forces for new achievements.

If you had a dream about a good-natured and pleasant magician, you will find yourself under the patronage of an influential person. This will help resolve all the difficulties and find a way out of any situation.

The dream in which you become a psychic yourself, beware of cheaters and scammers. You can become an easy prey for dishonest people. A beggar at a train station or an injured mother with children may turn out to be the most common extortionists. Be free from the desire to help everyone to avoid trouble in your life.

The dream in which you are doing a fortune telling session or treating someone else’s illness, suggests a person you know needs your help. Take the initiative and offer your support to a friend who finds himself in a difficult situation.

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