The meaning of dream, in which the pumpkin plays the main role, is very diverse. This may herald a quarrel or, conversely, pleasant moments. It all depends on your interaction with the pumpkin in a dream.

For a married person to see a pumpkin in a dream, it can be a sign that trouble and quarrels waiting in life. Do not believe other people’s promises, they will not be fulfilled. If you are free, such a dream promises that you might create a family in the nearest future.

The dream in which you hold a pumpkin, speaks of creativity and remarkable potential. Allow your thoughts to be realized and do not be afraid of condemnation,  with due diligence, everything will turn out as it should. Also, this dream can mean trouble with colleagues. In the process of competitive struggle, each will try to harm the neighbor. You do not need to participate in this farce. It is better to spend more time working.

If in a dream you buy a ripe and beautiful pumpkin, it is an omen of unexpected wealth. But if the vegetable is immature or spoiled, you can expect quarrels and reproaches in life.

A child who saw a pumpkin in a dream, in life this child lacks self-confidence and care. This is the projection of the subconscious from the fairy tale into reality, the little person wants his dreams to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

If you were born in summer, pumpkin in a dream portends a period of stagnation and lack of money. The trouble does not last long, but lightly refers to this problem is not worth it. For autumn people, such a dream reminds one of health. In particular, it is worth paying attention to your weight.

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If you cook a pumpkin dish in a dream, then this promises a pleasant purchase. Perhaps, you will buy the necessary thing or get it as a gift.

When you dream of a green pumpkin, do not rely too much on love successes. The person you like does not reciprocate, and no effort can change it.

For a mature lady, pumpkin in a dream is a sign of a new relationship. In your environment, new friends or future life partner will soon appear. Do not be afraid to respond by agreeing to his proposal for a family. Let it be hasty, it will bring happiness to you both.

A lot of big, bright and juicy pumpkin dream about luck in money and love matters. Everything for which you take will bring a positive result.

Pumpkin seeds are considered a symbol of fertility. And they embody the origin of everything new in reality. A woman who has long dreamed of a child after seeing such a dream can safely go for confirmation to the doctor. Soon you will become a mother.

The image of a rotten pumpkin in a dream will bring dissatisfaction in the relationship. This is temporary, and soon everything will be fine.

If in a dream you collect a ripe pumpkin from the beds, this is a good sign. The business you have conceived will give the desired result and bring glory.

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