The meaning of a dream, in which the purple color is pronounced, may be different. Purple is the color of the nobility and kings. It symbolizes a luxurious life of immaterial well-being. But there are other meanings of this dream.

A dream in which you see everything in purple tones can mean the predominance of bad qualities in character. It is necessary to work on yourself to find a common language with others.

A woman who wears a violet dress in a dream should beware of misfortunes for her husband. Such a dream can presage illness to the close relatives.

If you see purple flowers in a dream, the interpretation will depend on the plant variety. So, the flower of crocus says about the lack of emotions in life. You can go to a concert or an amusement park to bring new sensations in your days. Violets reflect the sincerity of feelings towards a loved one. And irises promise to experience a nostalgic mood. Sometimes it is useful to experience even sad memories. Vase with lilacs is a symbol of joy without reason, just like that. Tranquility and peace in life will give flowers from a dream, for which violet color is something unusual.

Dream, where you see purple clothes, predicts that you will undergo a test for greed. If you have a significant amount of money, do not bully your friends. The money will go away, and relations will remain tense.

An enjoyable pastime with friends far from everyday hassles and domestic hassles will bring if you dream about purple shoes. If you are invited to a big party, do not refuse such an opportunity.

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For a woman, trying on purple underwear is a hint of a closer relationship with a longtime acquaintance. Most likely, it will be a short-lived connection.

If in a dream, you are trying on a headdress of a purple hue, then your arrogant actions caused dissatisfaction with one of your friends. Pay attention to the attitude towards others. Maybe it’s worth changing the line of conduct.

Get a gift with a tourmaline decoration for girls means increased attention from the opposite sex and happy family life.

Dreaming of purple garnet foretells that  you should keep strong emotions under control, avoiding their public manifestation.

If you dream of a house where the walls are painted in purple colors, it can heralds wealth and substantial financial support. But if the windows were decorated with purple curtains, then you can forget about material stability for a long time.

The product with the amethyst that you bought in a dream draws your attention to a large number of bad habits. It is necessary to get rid of them before it’s too late.

A glass ball, painted in violet, is seen, indicating the excessive haste in life. It is worth to moderate the pace, and pay attention to the happy little things around from the fluttering butterfly to the success of relatives.

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