Rainbow Dream Meaning

Seeing a rainbow in a dream has a virtually universally positive meaning. Often it signifies that proper development is ahead in both the personal and the professional life.

The meaning of the dream in which you have seen a semi-circular, clear rainbow that stretches across the whole sky signifies that new developments in your professional life are likely. You might find a unique opportunity for profit and sometimes even an entirely new direction in which to expand. On a more personal level, a dream like this signifies that a late spiritual stage is ahead of you. You might confirm your religious beliefs in a new way.

If you see a rainbow that is clear but you are not able to see it entirely due to your environment, such being in a forest with tall trees it indicates that your high hopes might be discouraged by your friends and your situation in general.  Your approach might seem to be quite unconventional to some, or even threatening to their current position.

If in your dream you have seen a rainbow during nighttime it signifies that you will be the recipient of some inheritance. This will come to be somewhat surprising to you. An alternative interpretation of this dream is that your hopes will be cherished for a long time. It is almost as you will wait for the right time to come to their realization.

The meaning of a dream in which you will see a rainbow in which the red color is unusually bright, almost being of shining character indicates that your friends will well appreciate your love and care.

Dream about rainbow
Beautiful summer landscape with serenity lake and rainbow

A rainbow in which the blue color is most notable is a sign of you having some fun travel ahead. This traveling will be connected with your personal life, and it can be said that you will expand your spiritual energy by virtue of undertaking this travel.

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