Rat Dream Meaning

Rat dream meaning has various, often wildly different interpretations. They can be both pleasant and not so. Some of the most critical descriptions will be described below.

If you dream that a rat has sneaked in your living place, it signifies that you will soon need to change the way you treat one of your friends. They might deserve much less attention than you are used to giving them. They also might have much less trust in you that you think.

If a rat bites you on your hands, it signifies that you will be quite successful at attracting attention to your work in a brief time. It is especially true if the bite seemed to be not painful or if it occurred on your left hand.

If in your dream a rat bites you on your legs it signifies that you will need to take the warnings of your friends with a less reserved attitude. They can be quite useful at pointing to some pitfalls and dangers in your personal life. Occasionally, this dream signifies that you will get in jeopardy due to a romantic relationship.

If in your dream you see a white rat it signifies that you need to be more careful of people that are trying to get your attention only for attaining some personal goal that they have. It can be that they seek your friendship to use you for something.

A dream in which a massive horde of rats attacks you signifies that you will be exposed to wild gossip about you. There is a real danger of some people getting the wrong impression about you due to this malicious gossip.

Sometimes recurring dreams in which rats are featured can indicate that you have well hidden inner anger towards something or somebody. It is quite essential for this anger to be released to float on the surface in the way.

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