A dream about a rabbit can be meaning. It depends on the appearance of the animal as well as the circumstances in your dream. Try to remember all the details.

If in your dream you see a white rabbit in indicates that you have a strong desire for having children. It might be the case even if you concisely don’t have such a passion. Because the dream might show aspects of your unconscious mind. If you are married, a dream like this signifies that you are fully confident in the fidelity of your spouse.

The meaning of a dream in which you will frighten a rabbit and cause it to run away is not definite. It signifies that someone will try to exact revenge on you. It is especially true if you have this dream during a daytime nap.

Dreaming of seeing a large group of rabbits in the wild signifies that you will soon have a lot of opportunities for improving your social life. You might suddenly get into an environment in which you will meet a lot of people that have common interests with you. Occasionally, this dream signifies that you will become a member of a club of a select few.

Seeing a tame rabbit in a cage signifies that you can keep your urges and emotions under control. Often it means maturity in behavior and for a young person to have this dream signifies that they are aware of the responsibilities of adulthood that await them.

If you dream that you are hunting rabbits, it signifies that you should not force things in your personal life. On the contrary, you should back off and let things go in their natural way. If you are in a relationship a dream like this means that you need to leave some room for maneuvering to the other side in the link.

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