In general, the raccoon you saw in a dream carries a positive meaning. Most often, this is due to your work and people with a lot of social weight. But there are other interpretations that are listed below.

If you dreamed of a raccoon, then there is material prosperity and social life gifts ahead of you. Do not miss your chance at enrichment.

If in the dream, you fed an animal from your hands, this will attract you a high-ranking person with a massive social weight. They may also be an old acquaintance who received a new position. This familiarity will help you in a difficult situation.

A dream in which the animal is dead or trying to harm you (scratch or bite), predicts the presence of obstacles on the way to the coveted goal. You are waiting for troubles and difficulties in all spheres of life. You will have to make maximum efforts and remain calm to achieve the desired result. Also, this dream can mean that ill-wishers will cause you real reputation damage.

If in a dream you have killed a raccoon, then in real life you will use vile tricks. This will help achieve what you want, but it will leave an unpleasant residue. Memories of low acts will deprive you of any joy from the result.

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For a woman, the dream in which she feeds or caresses a raccoon, predicts a quick acquaintance with her future husband. These relationships will be full of love, understanding, and appreciation. The financial side of such a union will also be beneficial. If you are already married, then this dream will bring new emotions into the relationship.

Seeing in a dream a few raccoons together presages a career takeoff. Perhaps you will impress your boss with your work attitude or you will get a new offer on working with a higher position.

The raccoon, sitting in a cage, warns against ill-considered actions. You can get into an extremely delicate situation. After this attempts to restore your good name will only lead to the opposite result. The people around will remember your embarrassment for a long time and you will need to reproach them a few times.

A dream in which a raccoon bites a stranger, says that an unfair act will take place before your eyes against someone. Do not stay out of the way and give the victim all possible help and support.

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