The dream in which you painted your hair red, predicts increased attention to your personality.

If in a dream you have put on lips a red lipstick, in reality, natural modesty and insecurity in yourself prevent you from acting in your own way. Your subconscious mind wants to attract the views of others, despite the fear of the public.
Applying red nail polish on your nails promises trouble because of your excessive social activity. Curb your desire to be at the center of all events to maintain friendly relations and reputation.

The clothes of red color that you put on in a dream will bring in reality a positive mood and good health. The next time will be fun and intense. Also, this dream predicts that you will overcome trouble situations.
If in a dream you paint your clothes in red tones, there is some kind of celebration ahead. You will definitely want to shine on it.

A dream, where you experience irritability and negative feelings towards red clothes, symbolizes the stagnation of negative energy in the body. Do physical work or go to the gym to reset it.
The beauty of nature, painted in red in a dream (flowers, trees, etc.), reflect the passions raging inside of you. The feeling of love and lust overwhelms you and can lead to emotional exhaustion. It is necessary to separate this glow with the object of one’s beliefs for detente.

A great pleasure from the intimate connection with your beloved one is predicted by red fruits and berries in a dream.

The reddened sky in a dream portends the heat of passion. Quarrels and skirmishes will be everywhere, at home, at work, in public places. It is necessary to restrain one’s temper, not to create independently and not to climb into other people’s scandals.
Red color at the traffic light in a dream personifies the opponent on the way to a dream. This person is able to block your path to the cherished desire entirely and forever.

The troubles in the marriage will bring a dream of a pod of red pepper and bitter taste. What will be the marriage, depends only on your ability to find a common language and respect for the second half.

Wine of dark red color predicts the revived hormones and a new sexual adventure.
If you dream of red caviar in a dream– your subconscious mind tries to seize the bitterness of defeat and resentment.

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