The dream, in which you happened to render heroic help to a drowning man, promises, in reality, to show good nature and care for someone. Your participation in the life of an expensive person will give him the opportunity to move forward to fulfill the cherished dream.

If you were able to save a stranger in a dream, which you could not consider, then the troubles in business are ahead. It will be necessary to change tactics urgently and to look for alternative ways of achieving goals.
When you dream of how you save a drowning lover, prepare for a grand scandal based on jealousy or bad habits. You will have to make a lot of efforts to keep a person from a fatal passion and to establish peace in the family. Or the quarrel can break out because of the betrayal of your second half.

If you dream how you dragged the enemy out of the water in an awkward moment, it personifies the nobility of the soul and the ability to forgive. In response to the rude behavior of your opponent, you will do him a favor. This behavior is not always correct, even it will bring respect of others. Correlate the best spiritual impulses with the voice of mind.

If you dream of how you rescuing a famous person from drowning, it reveals your ambition and high demands in real life. To avoid disappointment, do not bury yourself too much and set unrealistic goals in life.
Dreaming of saving from the water an unknown lady is a sign of incredible success. All your beginnings will bring the planned result and will allow you to feel the taste of victory.

A dream where a drowning man actively refused your help speaks of perfidy. Look closely at the victim, most likely this is a familiar person, and in reality, he is at any moment ready to stab a knife in your back.
If it was impossible to save a person drowning in a dream, a problematic period would begin in personal relationships. Closure and reluctance to hear each other can cause irreparable harm, until the final separation.
The difficulty in understanding your desires and finding inner support for balance is reflected in the dream where you save a drowning child. You need to take a break from your daily worries and take your time to your desires. Otherwise, nervous tension will “hit” hard in life.

If you dream of many children needing to be rescued, this dream foreshadows the intrigues of the enemies. Enemies will try to overcome you with all their might. It applies to both personal life and work. Do not trust even what you saw with your own eyes, it is undoubtedly specially tuned. Give yourself a chance to calmly understand everything before making decisions.

Dreaming about saving your child is a symbol of protection. All the troubles will bypass if you do not bring problems, taking part in risky matters. A sinking dog, whom you are helping, predicts a lot of obligations. Want to win, you should take the situation under personal control.

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