A dream in which the main theme is the salvation of someone has a positive meaning. This may foreshadow a calm life or reflect the strengths of your character. Depending on the details of the dream, this can apply to any area of your life.

The dream, in which you managed to save a drowning man, predicts unplanned costs in reality. Despite the sudden need to part with money, you will not grieve for this, and they will soon return with interest.

The dream about how you escape during the crash of an airplane or other air transport is a sign of successful overcoming of material difficulties. Due to their skillful and professional actions, you can avoid financial disaster.

If you were able to save a child in a dream, you are very reserved and calm. The ability to fully control your emotions will play into your hands and bring a positive result in any area of life. Also, this dream personifies the successful completion of all your projects and the long-awaited reward.

If in a dream you rescue a little girl, then in real life it symbolizes your desire to become a hero in the eyes of others. You are too ambitious and the need for universal recognition forces you to do noble deeds. Soon you will have the opportunity to show in all its glory their talents.

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When in your dreams you could be saved from a fire, in life you should pay attention to eradicating your shortcomings. Now, as well as possible, it will be possible to get rid of resentment and excessive impressionability. Working on yourself is hard work, but these efforts will pay off.

For a young lady, a dream where you save the man of your dreams promises a calm and measured life. Ahead there are no strong bursts of joy and resentment, but stability and confidence in the future will always be with you. 

A dream about a happy rescue from a dog portends to avoid participation in scandals. At work and on the road, you can get around unpleasant situations and provide clarification of the relationship to others.

If in your dream you saved someone from the fire, in real life the unexpected result of all projects is ahead. Most likely, the projects will not be positive. Try to find mistakes and correct the current situation, as soon as possible.

If you dream how you fight off the attack of the wildcat, it is a sign of strong-willed character and strong willpower. You can make your feelings obey you. This will help win the fight with almost any opponent.

rescue dream meaning, dream about rescue, rescue dream interpretation, seeing in a dream rescue

When you act as a rescuer for people in an unusual situation, this means victory over difficulties and a significant improvement in the financial condition. Do not miss your chance at luck.

Successful resolution of family problems and a happy personal life prophesies a dream in which you save any fish. Your chosen partner will turn out to be a true master of all trades who can repair the household items and look after children, and provide support in awkward moments.

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