The meaning of a dream, in which there is rice, depends on many circumstances. Remember in what capacity you saw rice, what was done to it and who was beside. All this will help you correctly interpret your vision.

If you have your garden, a dream in which you see sprouts of rice promises a good harvest. When the croup is mixed with garbage, it is necessary to plant the right struts of the crop to avoid losses. For urban residents to see in dream rice is a sign of honesty and kindness of character.

If you dream of cooked rice on the plate, then it warns you of imminent ill health. The lost ability to work will force to spend all financial stocks for daily needs. Even this dream can predict a significant family conflict. It will not lead to parting, but it can be a tough time for your relationship.

For a man who cooks rice in his dream, it is a sign for him that considerable changes in personal life are coming. Most often it is the personification of a subconscious desire to be alone by himself, with your thoughts and dreams. Such a desire often turns out to be stronger than attachment to a woman by the side and leads to a break in the current relationship.

The woman, who cooked rice in a dream, will get agitated and worried about major domestic problems. A major repair or relocation will take away all your moral and physical strength. Be sure to rest if you feel exhausted, to keep the ability to soberly and reasoned.

The scattered rice in the dream will bring a happy marriage to an unmarried girl. For a woman who has already married, this dream predicts a warm family home and mutual understanding with her husband.

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If you scattered rice in the dream on the floor, prepare for a difficult time in personal relationships. You are expected to quarrel over trifles and a bad mood at every turn. It would be better to remain quiet and not to start another scandal. Mutual dissatisfaction of the spouses can lead to parting.

Interpretation of dream, in which there is a lot of rice, depends on the capacity, where it is located. So, rice that you see in the small bowl foreshadows the positive changes in life. A pan filled with rice, promises small financial difficulties, which will soon be resolved. A whole rice bowl predicts a stable financial situation. A bag of rice is good luck in gambling and success in your plans.

Buying rice in a dream is a good sign. This predicts an increase in prosperity in general. For the entrepreneur, this means a successful and rapid development of the enterprise.

The dream in which you eat rice embodies the tranquil course of family life. In the house, there will reign tranquility and respect.

For a young female, the dream, where she cooks rice porridge, predicts an increase in worries and obligations. Do not be scared and avoid them. After all, in the end, it will bring happiness and material prosperity.

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