If you see a room in the dream, it shows the underside of the temperament and morals of each person, his inner state. If you see many places around, then it reflects the boundaries of character and the breadth of the soul.

If in a dream you see rooms on different floors, then this personifies the gradation of attachments. The higher the place is, the more critical and necessary for you is its contents.

Seeing in dream strangers in a room that is hostile to you, promises conflicts and setbacks in real life. You need to find the strength and show endurance to prevent quarrels. If these people are friendly and pleasant, then this is a sign that your life flows in love and harmony with others.

The order and design of the room by Feng Shui are in themselves a balance of Zen. The more comfortable and well-groomed the room is the more philosophical calmness, harmony, and serenity in the soul and life.
Disorder in the room symbolizes disheveled feelings and shattered nerves. Rest will help to find support within yourself, to see emotional balance and solve the accumulated problems.

A dream with an unfinished room reflects unfinished business and unfulfilled plans.

If you dream about a room that is empty and uncomfortable, then in life, most likely, you feel loneliness and a break with the world around you. When the empty room is sunny and friendly, then you have a new life stage. Perhaps, the acquired outlook will allow us to look at ourselves from a new angle and transform ourselves into a better one. Expectations that previously seemed unattainable now can be implemented with success.

Seeing in a dream a bright light outside the window promises social events and prospects. As a result, you will find happiness and peace in your soul. If you see darkness outside the window, then it predicts loneliness.
Maybe you have become less receptive to the world and people. To breathe light and energy into your life, try to pay more attention to relatives and friends, help them in their affairs. By doing this, you will allow yourself to avoid detachment and emptiness.

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