The meaning of the dream in which you saw the rose flower can be varied. Its interpretation depends on your gender, the color of the rose and other factors. Try to remember all the details.

If the girl dreamed of fragrant roses, which blossom or bloom, a social event awaits in life. Also, you can be assured of the reliability of your elect.

When a girl holds a large bunch of roses in her hands, in reality, the proposal of the heart will follow.

The rose flower that dreamed withering warns of lurking health problems. Do not neglect the worries about your own health.

Dream, where you were presented with three roses, promises loyal and devoted friends. You can contact them for help in any situation. If there are only two roses in the dream, then it is a sign of sorrow and sadness.

To inhale the aroma of a bouquet of roses in a dream, in reality, it foreshadows pure happiness that is not overshadowed by anything. Although it will be fleeting, it will fill the soul with sincere emotions, which are pleasant to remember later.

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To see beautiful roses in a dream is a good omen. You will be lucky in any business. Do not miss it. It also promises peace and harmony in family relations. Another dream interpretation that your home will be filled with warmth and well-being on all sides. Even if you have family difficulties now, they will soon disappear.

In many ways, the interpretation of the dream depends on the color of the roses.

White flowers mean a new emotional attachment. Perhaps this will lead to a great feeling and a long relationship.

Pink shades portend an easy flirtation.

And yellow or black roses warn of lies and betrayal in life. Maybe your favorite person will change you, or your friends will be gossips and intrigues.

Tempered feelings in the relationship will leave behind blue roses from the dream. Blue flowers call to let go of the past and stop worrying about it. Open the door to the future and breathe in the fragrance of freedom.

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Dark-burgundy roses predict to plunge headlong into excitement and raging passions with a loved one. The bright-scarlet shade of roses symbolizes the rapid achievement of the cherished dream. And also these flowers promise material prosperity and secure life.

If you cut roses in a dream, in reality, temptations and unexpected twists of fate are expected. They will lead to a new outlook on life.

If you looked at the torn buds of roses, then there is sadness and despondency ahead. Take a vacation and take a break from the daily chores, enjoy and relax.

The dream in which you tear off the petals of roses symbolizes the destruction of love relationships. You harm your happy relationship with your own hands. Try to change your attitude and accept your close person the way he is.

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