Sex Dream Meaning

Dream about sex very common on Friday night and its meaning may vary from the season. Such dreams show soul affinities. Or the desire of a person to be near you. It all depends on the details of your a dream.

Sexual contact in the dream with a person you know very well, this is a symbol a spiritual unity with this person. You are probably great of mutual understanding and shared interests and thoughts each other.

Very often sex in a dream with a friend means that one of the two of you wants it. Your sexual partner in a dream may have some interests together with you, or you have mutual interests in each other in real life.

Sometimes sex with someone you know means that a person wants to be involved in your personal life. He wants to know more than he knows already. Sex with that person in the dream can also say that the person wants to have sex with you in reality.

Also, the dream of sex could mean that you do not get enough sex in real life or you would like to increase. And you want diversify your sexual experience.

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If you have sexual contact in a dream and it ends with pleasure and orgasm, this is a good sign. It may mean mutual understanding and harmony in dealing with this person you had sex with while dreaming. It could mean the emergence of a person with whom merely it will be pleasant to be around.

If in a dream you have sex with a stranger, here it can be much more variants. For example, your subconscious shows you the type of partner that you like to meet in real life; “The subtle” level simulated a situation where you are with a stranger, to study your reactions and your views on this. It can also mean that you may soon have a new sexual partner in life.

Interrupted intercourse in a sleep or a sexual act in which you do not get pleasure, or you do not feel nice for yourself can mean an intimate dissatisfaction in real life. It may say that you are missing the fact that now you have a partner that does not suit you. It could also mean temporary difficulties in the personal life of a dreaming person.

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If in your dream you are going to have sex and you go and hide with your partner or looking for a place to have sex and something continually interferes with you, it is a sign of healthy dissatisfaction. It means the desire for new partners and experiences. You do not get what you need in life.

Do not be afraid to dream of intimate relationships with relatives, as it is a good sign. This is a sign that they love, appreciate and wish you success. It is also very often may mean that close people very much want to be involved in your life, they want to know more than they know, but you do not want to give them more.

If you are dreaming of sex with boyfriend of your friend or a husband of your friend, there are different options:

– Probably one of you want sex with each other;
– One of the two of you had fantasies on the subject at least once;
– There is a small but real chance that this may happen in the future;
– You have total sympathy for reality or at least one of you.

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