Shovel Dream Meaning

shovel dream meaning

If in your dream you are merely using a shovel to dig a hole, it means that you will eventually reach your goals in your personal life but not without hard work and dedication.

To be successful at using the shovel is also a sign of destiny favoring you on your path to achieving some personal goal. If the ground you are digging with a shovel is soft thus making it easy for you to drill the hole it means that you will have little to no resistance from other people on your way to your goal. If the ground is hard however and the digging goes with difficulties it means that you should expect stiff resistance from your environment.

If you dream that you are using a shovel for agricultural purposes, it means that you are quite planning and methodical person that is very adaptable.

The meaning of a dream in which you use a shovel to dig a grave for someone is very positive one as it indicates that your luck levels will go up very soon. You might quite suddenly become the center of attention of many people also.

To merely see a shovel in a dream is a sign of small-time bickering with your friends that will happen quite soon. Be careful of your words and be more tolerant of them if you want to avoid a conflict.

If in the dream you buy a shovel it means that soon conflict will arise about a material good that you have acquired. Someone will challenge your ownership of the said right, and legal resolution of the conflict is likely.

If in the dream you are selling shovels it means that soon you will have an entirely pleasant and lucrative trade deal. You might get something for well below the market value and make a substantial profit re-selling it.

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