Skeleton Dream Meaning

Dream about skeleton can have a variety of meanings. Because a lot depends on the actual circumstances in the dream. In general, skeletons represent a fear that you have inside of you.

Simply seeing an inanimate skeleton in your dream signifies that you are afraid considerably of having some failure soon. Alternatively, you might be fearful of how people will judge your work and actions.

If in a dream you see a lot of dead skeletons it can signify that you will have a failure in your professional life soon. It can also mean an inability of people to deliver on their promises. So don’t take any guarantee or assurance in the upcoming time with high certainty. It is especially the case if you felt very distraught in the dream.

If someone that you know in real life turns into a skeleton in your dream, it has a positive meaning. This is indicates that this man will soon have a very positive development in their personal life. If they are struck down by disease, a dream like this one suggests that they will quickly get better.

The meaning of a dream in which you will see a group of moving skeletons is that you should not expect help from others. On the contrary, you will be successful if you do everything yourself. It is especially true if in the dream you were not frightened or significantly distraught by the sight of a group of skeletons.

If a skeleton attacks you in the dream, it means that you should be more careful in the way you choose a business in your professional life. It is possible that your reputation will be tarnished if you continue to do business with people that are dishonest and ‘shady.’ If during the attack you fought back, and you were able to defend yourself this is a good sign. This is indicates that you will be able to prove your honesty if it is questioned.

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