Socks Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream, in which you see socks, can be different. Usually, this refers to your feelings and desires. However, there are other options, depending on the details of the dream.

Leaky socks in the dream represent unreasonable expectations to your person. And they remind you of discontent with yourself, which you are trying to hide from others. The desire for an ideal is commendable, but everyone has the right to make mistakes and rest.

White socks warn against the extreme manifestation of kindness and humanity. Your desire to help and purity of thoughts attracts selfish people with hidden intentions.

Dream, where there are wool socks symbolizes the desire for peace and comfort. Now, as never before, there are high chances to multiply their well-being. It will help achieve the long-awaited comfort and tranquility.

If you are merely wearing socks in a dream, then underestimate the strength of the opponent or the difficulties of the existing tasks. In reality, many obstacles must be overcome. And do not expect that this will be easy.

If you dream of men’s socks, it is advised to pack suitcases, you will have a business trip soon. Pack your camera with you; you will have enough time for pleasant trifles.

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If you walk down the street wearing socks, but without shoes, your secrets will turn into a public good. Those plans that you do not want to disclose before the time, still reach others in the form of rumors. It’s worth trying very hard to keep secrets or not to get upset when everything comes out.

The dream in which you buy socks, speaks of the desire to achieve more. You do not want to be content with what’s available, and you are rushing forward. Many envy such persistence and take from him an example. But think about whether life passes by you as you pursue the ideal.

Dirty socks reveal your low self-esteem. It is not necessary to expect failure in advance. It will only attract troubles. This is better to look for a way to increase self-confidence and see how life will improve.

If you wash your socks in a dream, then, in reality, you do not need the approval of your actions. Sufficient confidence in the forces allows you to do without additional support. When you¬†wash other people’s socks, you can count on meeting a man/woman of your dreams.

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If you knit socks in a dream, it is a sign of tedious and monotonous work, which will require a lot of attention and concentration. But, having reached the end, you will receive considerable moral satisfaction from the result.

If you are trying to put on the socks and they are too little for you, then in real life you will see the hassle and bustle. Soon something or someone will require your close attention and care. Perhaps, friends will ask you to look after their pet for the period of vacation. Another dream interpretation, that brilliant idea will come to your mind, it will have to be realized independently.

A pair of socks of different colors predicts a sense of indecision before choosing. Soon there will come a situation in which each variant of the solution will be functional in its way, but it will be necessary to focus only on one of them.

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