Son Dream Meaning

The dream in which you observe the birth of a son predicts that you will find everlasting happiness. If your son smiled at the same time, you would have incredible luck in all your affairs. You not only get what you want but also enough money, resources for a long time.
When a pregnant woman sees the birth of a boy, it is a prophetic dream. You can safely buy blue booties.

For a man, the dream in which he had a son, foretells the negative experiences for his good name. In order not to get yourself into trouble, follow the actions and attitudes towards those around you. If in a dream a man himself gave birth to a boy, in reality, means a triumphant victory over fears and insecurities.

Dreaming about walking in the street with a baby-son predicts excellent achievements in life. But it will be possible only with the help of close people. Alone, you will not achieve anything.
When an unmarried girl dreams that she gave birth to a son, it is worth to be afraid of rumors. You will be called immoral and vicious.

If in a dream you are breastfeeding your son, you will have a significant income in reality. Successful investment of money will give its results.
The dream in which you saw the death of your son, in reality, promises a change for the better. The black band in life will end and a period of joy and prosperity will come. The same is foreshadowed by a dream where your child lies in a coffin.
Again to see in the dream, that your real son has a little son symbolizes a new life. It is worth moving forward without fear and doubt. Also, this dream can reflect your need for support in a difficult period. You can hope for help, but it is worth accepting the fact that there are not always people who want to help.

When you dream that someone has kidnapped your child, you are too severe in reality. Try to let go of the situation and smile more often. After all, you can not control everything, so is it worth it to get upset about it? If you have lost a son in a dream, there will be disappointments and sadness ahead.

The dream in which you are present at the marriage of your adult son, predicts pride and joy. His frustrated appearance at such an event hints at your excessive importunity. Learn to not climb with unwanted advice, and respect the decisions of your child.

Illness of the son will bring in reality misfortunes and grief. There will be an extremely unfavorable period for financial affairs.
If you dreamed that you beat a son, there is not enough understanding between you. This will lead to strained relations and alienation. To preserve family ties and return the warmth to them, you have to control your emotions and calmly convey the point of view to the child.

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