Sparrow Dream Meaning

In general, a dream which features a sparrow have a positive meaning. Often it signifies that your wish will come true or that your expectations will be met. It all depends on your dream.

To see a sparrow in your dream signifies that soon you will get slightly surprising but positive news. It is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours or during a daytime nap. Also, this interpretation is more accurate if the dream seemed to be somehow peculiar to you.

If in the dream you a see a group of sparrows it signifies that you will have several unexpected guests soon. Their presence although unexpected will eventually bring positive emotional energy in your home. Occasionally, this dream means that you will need to be more tolerant of you close friends as they will test your patience in the following period.

If you see a flock of sparrows flying, it signifies that you will need to be more open about new and unproven ideas in your professional life. In other words being more experimental will pay off in a more extended timeframe. This dream can also mean that you need to loosen up with formalities and start to think ‘outside the box’ in a way.

If you hear sparrow vocalizations in your dream, it signifies that you will be the object of small-time gossip. It will not annoy to any significant degree but instead will provide you with amusement. You might remember this gossip for a long time.

To catch a sparrow in your dream is a very positive omen. It signifies that your wishes will come right very soon in an almost miraculous manner. If the sparrow that you had caught appeared to be very tame, it means that the requests from your personal life will come true. Often this dream also signifies that destiny will have a strong influence on your life in the next few months.

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