Steps Dream Meaning

The dream in which you rise up the stairs, predicts that you will achieve the goal. You are waiting for victories and rewards in reality. Success will be pursued in every area of life: a career will go uphill, personal experience will improve, and creativity will be noticed. However, it is worth remembering that fortune can turn around from you. Take advantage of her benevolence, but as soon as she turns away, one should at once moderate her appetites and ardor.

If you climb up the slippery wooden steps, you can expect difficulties in achieving goals. It will be necessary to exert all the forces so as not to surrender at the crucial moment.
When in a dream you go down the stairs, working tasks and life troubles will be more difficult than you thought. It will take endurance and calmness to get the desired result. The more steps ahead, the more difficulties you have to meet on your way to the goal. Also, this dream can mean a crisis in business and frustration in your own abilities. Do not give in to despondency.

The descent on a wooden staircase promises an insult to a good name and shame. Betrayal will come from the closest and seemingly reliable people. Maintain at least external dignity and do not take retaliatory steps. The conscience will punish them earlier. Forgive them or not, it is up to you to decide.

Dream, where you try to run down the stairs, but, in the end, trample on the spot, predicts the suspension of affairs in all vital facets. Most likely, you noticed that you stopped growing and developing, both spiritually and in the business sphere. In reality, it is necessary to push yourself to an active life. Otherwise, the risk to moss, standing on these steps.

If in the dream you sweep the stairs, this predicts that your soul will overcome doubts and confusion.

To wash the steps in your dream is a symbol of spiritual purification and liberation. You can relieve the burden of cares, problems, and responsibilities. Feel the natural lightness of life, not unshackled.
If you dreamed of how to build a ladder, in fact waiting for hard labor for a long time. Do not worry, the effort will not be in vain. If in the dream you have finished the ladder, success, in reality, will surpass all expectations and fill life with joy.

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