Strawberry Dream Meaning

The meaning of the dream, in which the strawberry occupies a prominent place, may be different. Most often this applies to your love affairs. However, there may be other interpretations that are given below.

To see a ripe and juicy strawberry in a dream is a sign of incredible love successes. Relationships will be filled with vivid feelings and emotions. Even such a dream can herald a financial rise and joy.

Jam from this berry promises a spontaneous and memorable love adventure. If you are not afraid to dive into the abyss of passion, you will be satisfied.

Strawberry impartial kind (withered or spoiled) warns of the bitter consequences of excessive love. Irrelevant actions can lead you to the threshold of a doctor or a lawyer for divorce.

If in a dream you eat berries, in fact, you are waiting for a new sexual adventure and you will get it. When the strawberry is sweet, you will get an unprecedented pleasure and ecstasy. If it turned out to be sour, then you will be surprised by the estrangement and indifference of a partner.

Sell a strawberry in a dream promises a happy life. You will be able to share your wealth with others. When you buy it, in the future, shift some of your duties to a trustee.

The dream in which you grow berries reflects the ability to surprise people by the uniqueness of their actions and attitude to life. Also, this dream can symbolize a monotonous and unhelpful activity.

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The green berry symbolizes sexual dissatisfaction. You need to talk with your partner about this, to make things work.

Juice with strawberries, which you cook in a dream, in reality, predicts life difficulties and turmoil. Most likely, you “crossed the road” to the wrong people.

A large and bright strawberry field represents a distracted consciousness. In reality, small pleasures will prevent you from concentrating on your cherished dream and continually alienate its fulfillment.

If you are in the process of cooking strawberry jam, communication with the less loving personalities awaits. It is necessary to show endurance and tact to save your life position.

The dream in which you ate berries together with someone, heralds a critical meeting with a person of the opposite sex. Relations with him will be long and respectful, which will build a strong foundation for the family life.

When you feed a strawberry of another person, you can expect a fan who will be ready to turn into a servant of your life. Cherish this person, you will not find such support anywhere else.

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