Sweets Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream in which sweets is present can be varied. It is most often associated with your personal life. You will find the most popular interpretations below.

The dream in which you ate delicious and sweet sweets, foreshadows to get good news or a good time in the company of friends. If the chocolate turned out to be sour and bitter, you should pay attention to your health. The probability of pancreatic disease is high.

An unmarried girl, seeing herself eating sweets, can count on the high popularity of the opposite sex. Be vigilant when dealing with men, so as not to be called a frivolous and windy person.

For a man, a dream in which he gives someone a box of chocolates promises disappointment and resentment. If you are going to make a marriage proposal to your beloved woman, be prepared for the fact that she refuses you.

Always a dream, where you give someone sweets – a sign of a complete fiasco in all matters. Do not waste time chasing after unrealizable dreams: You can not get what you want. Let go of the situation and take care of yourself.

Candy, which you received as a gift from someone, will bring a little bit of another’s luck. In life there comes a period of prosperity and prosperity. You can take on any business or enterprise – success will accompany everywhere.

When in a dream you treat an extraneous person with sweets, an acquaintance is waiting for you, which can grow into a strong and faithful friendship.

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Dream, in which you treat sweets, prophesies to receive an invitation to an important celebration. In no case do not refuse, so as not to offend the person.
Play with sweets, throwing them up or laying out patterns – a symbol of your childish spontaneity and the ability to enjoy any life situations. Try to show more seriousness there, where people wait for it, so as not to cause a fire of irritation on yourself.

A shiny wrapper for sweets predicts an acquaintance with a peculiar and knowledgeable person. It can be decisive in your life. Take a closer look at the new character and try to remember everything she tells you.

Large chocolate sweets promise a big profit in the near future. Perhaps, your enterprise will increase in price or the authorities on merits will estimate work, having written out the award.

A dream where you gave up your favorite sweets, advises you to pay attention to your health. It will not be superfluous to donate blood for sugar to make sure that there is no diabetes mellitus

If you saw in a dream, how a loved one hides candies from you, you should be ready to get a kick in the back. A person may not be at all for whom you accepted it. Do not react too violently to this unpleasant incident: take care of your health.

Dream, where you cooked candy, warns that you can achieve the goal only by showing persistence in the work and retaining faith in yourself.

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