Sword Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream, in which the sword is present, can have both a positive and a negative shade. Such a dream may reflect a sense of security or, conversely, warn of danger. It all depends on the details of your dream.

The sword, seen by you in a dream, presages to win the trust of others. People will listen to your opinion and rely on advice. Do not fail them.

To keep the sword in front of you in a dream is a sign of protection from danger. You will be able to overcome all the difficulties that meet on the way. The stars favor you in this.

Ideally forged a sword, shining with purity, in fact, promises a high physical and moral strength, as well as good health. You will be able to resist any difficulties and help not only yourself but also those around you.

The dream in which the sword appeared to be broken or rusty, speaks of the lurking diseases in your body. It is worthwhile to see a doctor and take the tests of the first need to identify problems at an early stage, not letting everything go on its own.

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If you dreamed of masterfully owning a sword, this prophesies a grand success in his career. The more skillfully you used this weapon in a dream, the higher the position and the material incentive for it expects in reality.

When in a dream you hit a man with a sword, do not rush to rejoice in victory. In reality, this will bring discord to the family and quarrels with friends. Do not express your opinion too sharply, but instead – leave it to yourself for a while.

The dream where you found the sword is advised not to trust anyone. The closest people and friends can turn out to be traitors. Keep all secrets to yourself, and stay in good relations with others.

The loss of the sword heralds sad news. Perhaps, after receiving them in your heart for a long time to settle sadness. Do not be dejected even in the most challenging situation. If you can change something, you need to act, and if you can not, then you should take the case as it is and keep calm.

Defend yourself with the sword from enemies, promises a loss in the affairs of reality. You should apply for support to more competent people, otherwise, you will not be able to win. Also, this dream can mean disagreement with business partners.

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If in a dream you happened to forge a blade yourself, hard physical work is ahead. You will have to work on wear and tear. However, at the end of the journey, you will feel an intense satisfaction from your accomplishments.

The weapon, in which you cut off the head of the enemy in a dream, predicts to win and wake. You will be able to learn in advance about their secret plans and get the advantage in time. Be sure to use this.

The dream, where you considered the ancient swords, reveals the need for romantic feelings. You should talk on this subject with your loved one or fill the gap yourself.

A swordfish symbolizes an intelligent and calculating person. Do not take for a pure coin friendship new acquaintance. Beware of following her advice.

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