Usually, dream in which sadness is an underlying theme can be taken to have a definite meaning in real life. Sometimes it signifies that some emotionally pleasing compromise will be reached soon. To properly interpret a dream, you need to remember all the details.

If in the dream you see yourself in a mirror, and you notice that your facial expression is unusually sad it’s a bad sign. It means that soon some conflict in your personal life will be unexpectedly resolved in your favor. This resolution will be so sudden and unexpected that you won’t believe your eyes and ears at first.

The meaning of a dream in which you will see many sad people around is that you will soon experience success. This will happen if you will being part of a team. In other words, you will be successful in an undertaking in which many other people will also be involved.

If in your dream you a see one of your friends were very sad this is unpleasant news. Probably, that they are envious of your success in real life. This is especially true if you have this dream in the early morning hours of the night or during a daytime nap.

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A dream in which you will see one of your relatives being sad it reflects your emotions. And can mean that you are worried about the said relative destiny, wellbeing and life choices. If during the dream you tried to coax them from their sadness by telling them something positive it will be transported into reality. It means that you will help them in real life also.

The meaning of a dream in which you will see that the sense of sadness and gloom is replaced with a more jolly sense is not definite. As it means that your luck will take a downturn in real life. If you were the initiator of the ‘brightening of the mood’ in the dream, that’s a bad sign. It means that in real life someone will not make things easy for you. And that you will have to go ‘uphill’ in the next few months if you want success.

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