About the happenings in your life during this year in general

After the tumultuous and slightly variable luck levels that you had in the previous year, this one will bring more stability. You will also be on an upward path to success. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this will certainly motivate you to double your efforts in a sense.

There is a strong aspect of readjustment to your environment that permeates during this year. You will be very determined to change your attitude towards some issues of your situation. You should not hurry too much, however. Let things happen at their natural pace.

Between June and September, the influence of Saturn will be dominant. It is a sign of the happenings in your professional life and career picking up speed. Things will become more dynamic, and you will try to make the best out of it.

About your professional life

Your professional life and career will be strongly affected positively by the influence of Saturn during the summer. In August, the positive impact of Jupiter also comes into play.  As a result of this, it can be said that your career prospects are very bright during this year.

Early in the year, you will realize that changes will need to be made in your work methods if more success is desired. This will not come easy to you and the changes will not happen overnight but rather in a more gradual manner. As said above, you should not rush things anyway.

The period of June to September will bring the most success. A lot will happen, and you will have so many opportunities that you will have to make some tough choosing among them. The very end of the summer will bring an increased publicity aspect to your professional life. This is due to the increased influence of Mercury.

About your personal life

In contrast to the happenings in the previous year, during 2019 getting into a more serious relationship will be your priority. Quite aware that you need all the emotional support that you can get from your romantic partners you will tend to brush off short-term relationships that lack substance in a sense.

The lunar eclipse in April has a powerful influence on the happenings in your personal life. You will quite suddenly realize a particular arrangement in your own life being needed for your spiritual growth and possibly even professional growth.

The middle of the year will bring the much needed emotional support that will come from your closest ones. This will be quite beneficial as the summer will be the busiest period of the year when the professional life is concerned.

The autumn months will leave you more energy and free time for you to dedicate yourself more to the happenings in your personal life. The months of October and November will be quite fruitful in that regard, and it can be said that you will compensate for your absence during the summer months in a way.

About your health

Your naturally high energy levels will get even higher during this year. Despite the massive amount of activity that awaits you in the professional field, you will not feel fatigued to any significant degree. In general, the health levels will be quite high especially during the second part of the year.

In the first part of the year, especially in April, the health levels will not be as high. You should take care of yourself especially being mindful of getting enough rest. You will certainly need to avoid anything stressful also. The health levels will get higher before the summer, and you will be easily able to cope with the dynamic environment in your professional life that will follow during the summer.