About the happenings in your life during this year in general

In comparison with the previous year, this one will be less characterized with introspection. On the contrary, a more direct and concrete approach will be undertaken in your personal life. The appearance of Venus in the career field is the sign of professional success that will be reached by creativity and innovativeness. You will be unafraid of engaging your innate innovative ability into high gear.

The mid part of the year will bring closing of some issue that had been causing problems in your personal life for a long time. This issue will be closed in a discreet, almost quiet manner and yet its resolution will be quite beneficial for your emotional well being.

The last three months of the year are the period in which things will shine in your professional life and career.  This year will easily be one of the most professionally successful for you on record.

About your professional life

As said above, this will be one of your best years when the professional life is concerned. During the first half of the year, the positive development in your professional life will come mostly from following established paths, and it’s likely that you will be part of a successful professional team. Also, there will be a lot of attention dedicated to your professional efforts. You will be watched closely and this will not always be pleasant.

The summer will bring increased professional success however it also will bring mixing of your professional life with happenings in your personal life. This will have no ill effects though as the said mixing will be relatively short, ending in late July.

The last three months of this year is the period in which you will shine. Your work will be very inventive, and you will be given full freedom to use your innate creative ability. The increased professional success and professional independence will also continue into next year.

About your personal life

Although during this year a lot of energy will be put into your professional living your own life will still be characterized by a lot of activity. The first two months of the year will be a critical period for Scorpios that are into the relationship as the strong influence of both Mars and Venus will bring a lot of potential for conflicts with the love partner. Scorpios that are sold will be under a strong impetus to find a partner, and it’s likely that their efforts will be successful.

The month of June will be one of the bold steps being taken in personal life. As said above some critical issue in the own life will be closed which will lift your energy levels significantly as it will set you free to go on your way in a sense.

The summer period will bring the potential for new developments in personal life. The new approach might be taken, and freedom will certainly be welcomed and quite appreciated.

In the ending months of the year, you will mostly look for support for your professional activities. This support, both emotional and moral will indeed be found in your love partner and your friends in general.

About your health

In contrast to the relatively variable health levels that you had during 2019, this year will bring more stability in that regard. The first two months will return the energy levels to average state, and this will be mainly due to the strong Mars influence.

The mid part of the year, especially after the solving of the above said issue in the personal life, will bring a lot of stress relief and you will be able to recharge your batteries quickly.

The ending part of the year will bring high energy levels, especially if you can get support for your professional endeavors from your partner or friends.